Our Story

Honduran Soles was started from the cry of our broken hearts. In June of 2011, we traveled to Honduras on our first mission trip outside the U.S. While there, we were able to minister to people by giving out food, clothing, and sharing the gospel. One area of need we saw that wasn’t being met though was shoes. Out of everything we experienced while there, the need for shoes impacted us the most. The roads they were walking on were dirty, made of stone and mud, and the feet of these people were worn out and blistered from going barefoot their whole lives. When we returned home, we had a vision to start something, but never took the step out in faith. It wasn’t until one year later, after friends of ours returned from Honduras, that we heard once again the overwhelming need for shoes there. So in July of 2012, with a small vision but faith that could move mountains, we started Honduran Soles. Our initial goal was to raise 200 pairs of shoes, but after just two days, we had raised 345 pairs. God was working and we could see He had bigger plans for our project than we could have ever imagined. So we immediately changed our goal to 2,000 pairs. Over the next five months, with the support of our church, community, and family, we were able to collect almost 3,000 pairs of shoes! In January of 2013, six months after we started Honduran Soles, we traveled to Honduras with nearly 2,000 pairs of the shoes that we had raised. Over the course of five days, we were able to hand out these shoes to kids and adults alike who desperately needed them. We were able to wash their feet, paint some of their nails, and share the love Christ with these beautiful people we met. Since returning home, our passion for this ministry has grown even stronger. We have since begun raising shoes for other countries around the world and will continue to send shoes to wherever there is a need. There are currently 300 million people in the world who do not have shoes, a basic necessity we take for granted each day. We are determined through Honduran Soles to reach as many of these people as we can and bless them with a simple pair of shoes that can change their lives.

Our Mission

It’s simple. Provide shoes to the shoeless all around the world. We want to be the hands and feet of Christ to those in need. "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." - Jesus [Matthew 25:40]

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