Meet the Co-Founders

Emily Cole, Co-Founder

Emily was born in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and has lived there her whole life. A graduate of Eastern University with a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish, Emily received a Fulbright Scholarship to Ecuador for the ‘17-’18 school year where she will work with university students studying English and with community leaders in order to teach young girls soccer, promoting self-confidence and strength through the love of the game.

Her love for the Spanish language started in high school and has since been a guiding force in many of her decisions and ultimately has become her passion. With a burden for people in Latin America, she was able to study international relations and Latin American politics/literature at her university, using her love for the people, the language, and the different cultures and histories that make up each nation as points of pursuit.

Her passion has been to pursue justice for people in Latin America & the United States who need representation, legal guidance, English/Spanish language interpretation or simply an ear to listen through difficult situations. For these reasons, Emily will be pursuing a law degree and a career as a legal advocate for Spanish speakers and as a Spanish interpreter as well. She is passionate about the work of Honduran Soles and will pursue its growth and its reach as much as she possibly can while still striving for other personal and professional goals too.

Her true passion is to live a life worthy of the Cross, striving to glorify the Lord in all she says and does. Emily believes that the love, kindness, and faithfulness of Jesus Christ should motivate us to put our faith into action and pursue a life dedicated to serving others. She often recalls that Jesus did not come to be served, but instead to serve. This, then, should be our point of reference and our ultimate goal. To be more like Christ daily– YES!

Andrea Smith, Co-Founder

Andrea was born in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where she grew up in a large family of one sister and three brothers. She loves spending time with her family, writing letters, and is always down for a good cup of coffee.

In 2015 she graduated from Messiah College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Less than one month later, she married her high school sweetheart Brandon. They currently live in State College, PA where her husband is living out his dream of playing football for Penn State University!

Her love for medicine and passion for missions was further stirred in her experience studying abroad in Zambia, Africa at a Malaria Research Hospital. She is passionate about ministering to both the physical and spiritual needs of those around her, and plans to attend medical school to become a doctor in hopes of one day doing medical missions.

To her, founding Honduran Soles with her sister has been one of the most life-changing experiences. Throughout this journey, her faith has been strengthened as she continually watches God do the impossible. She has learned that all it takes is obedience and a little faith to allow God to move. She hopes that her and her sister can encourage and inspire other young people to step out in faith and change the world!