“It was a Tuesday, and we had traveled into a small village near Choluteca where almost all of the children there did not have shoes. We were able to give them each their first pair and watched as they jumped up and down with joy and as their mothers’ eyes filled with tears. The next day, we traveled back into the same village to hand out food and medicine. When we arrived, we saw some of the same children who had received shoes still running around barefoot. We had one of our translators ask them why they weren’t wearing their new shoes?! They simply told us that they were saving them for special occasions...

“We were in Choluteca handing out shoes to different families and a woman came through the line and found shoes she wanted, but we couldn’t find one of the pair. We searched all around, but the woman kept holding this one flip-flop close to her chest. She said it was okay, and was willing to take home even just one shoe for herself. As we were getting ready to leave, we found the missing flip-flop under our van and ran to find her. When we gave her the shoe she was brought to tears and could not stop saying how thankful she was. This kind of simple joy was beautiful.”

“As we arrived at an orphanage filled with beautiful children, we knew this day was going to be such a blessing. We placed our bags of shoes on the floor and the kids walked through as we fit them for sizes. As one of the teenage boys came through the line, we realized we didn’t have any bigger sizes left. Our mom searched the bag inside and out, taking out all the shoes, checking through the bag multiple times-- still she found nothing. His disappointment was evident, but our hearts broke and we felt even more upset than he did. So, sitting there, our mom cried out to God and prayed. She said “Lord, we need a miracle here. This boy needs shoes, but we don’t have his size. We need a miracle now. We need You to provide. Please Lord.” Not but a few minutes later, she searched the bag again and there at the bottom were a pair of sneakers---exactly his size.”

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